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Recently a lot of people have been asking me about how to jailbreak the iPhone 4 series and I want to share with you my knowledge of the process. If you have never even heard of jailbreaking then the whole thing can be a bit strange however always keep in mind that jailbreaking is incredibly beneficial.

I need to mention that jailbreaking is a skillful art and with the amount of fantastic jailbreaking services out there like the ones that I will list below, there is no reason that you should jailbreak an iPhone 4s on your own. I tried to do this once myself and it ended badly, really badly. My iPhone 4s was wiped completely and I had to pay someone to fix it for me. Even though I didn’t brick my iPhone (make it unusable) I still had to pay even more than a jailbreak would cost to reverse the damage.

I don’t want you guys to fall into the same trap and, instead, you should learn from my experience and use the services I am going to show you. These are my top choices for jailbreaking an iPhone and I have used them all personally.

So, starting with my top site:

#1 iJailbreak Pro

Even though these guys are a new service to me they are one of the best (actually the best) that I have ever used.

They offer a great jailbreaking service that actually works and the whole thing is completed in less than 10 minutes. In fact, I don’t think I have ever actually waited more than 10 minutes for them to jailbreak an iPhone 4s before.

Customer support really impressed me as well. iJailbreak Pro staff are readily available and extremely knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered and then some. They are on top of their game. I haven’t had to use customer support often except when I have a generic question or two, but when I have needed it the guy I talked to was great, and he really wanted to help me.

In addition to the basic jailbreak that you get, iJailbreak Pro will also unlock your iPhone 4s as well. This means that you don’t have to be confined to network restrictions and can use any network you want with a different SIM card. No more contracts or expensive costs to move over to a new cell carrier.

On top of all this their service comes with a money back guarantee with no questions asked. Plus, if you change your mind for any reason, you can easily revert back to the factory settings on your iPhone 4s though I seriously doubt you would want to after seeing what jailbreaking can offer. It just goes to show that these guys are confident enough in their service to guarantee the results and when you do use them you can see why.

Overall they are a complete 10/10 for fantastic customer service, great features and a quick and efficient jailbreaking service. Check them out here.

#2 Apple Unlocker

I have used this service on several occasions before I found out about iJailbreak Pro.

It actually used to be my first choice because, at the time when I was using it, the jailbreak for the iPhone 4s took usually close to 20 minutes, but never longer than that. Though I have to say now waiting almost 20 minutes for a jailbreak is about equivalent to owning a rotary phone. If iJailbreak Pro were unavailable for some reason, I would use this service and they do offer a working solution.

The one thing that really frustrated me was trying to get any answer out of customer support. I wanted to call them but they didn’t have a phone number listed, so I had to resort to email. It wasn’t until late the next day that they answered me. My friend, whose iPhone 4s I was trying to jailbreak for him, was pretty mad by then and had to sit around with a non-working phone and I felt pretty bad about it too.

At the end of the day their service does work but they don’t have the added extras that make iJailbreak Pro stand out from the crowd.

I would rate them 7 out of 10. They are certainly not the best, but they aren’t bad. Check them out here.    

#3 iJailbreak Tool

What can I say? I used these guys before I knew any better.

I know that the service works, which is more than I can say for some of the other rip off sites I have come across in the past. So that is why I have included them as an option. They are not in the same league as iJailbreak Pro, so for me, they are kind of like a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ service that I keep in the back of my mind.

When I used them before to jailbreak an iPhone 4s took around 30 minutes to complete. That isn’t terrible if you are the patient type, but I am not at all. Plus, I could barely understand the directions. They were not written by an English speaking person so they were not clear at all.

The first time I used this service, I had to email customer support because, like I said, I couldn’t really understand the directions. The reason I had to email them was because they only had an overseas phone number listed (in India). Thankfully I heard back after a couple hours, but I feel that’s still too long to have to wait for customer support.

I rate them 5/10. They could really use some work in customer support and jailbreaking time but they do jailbreak an iPhone 4s successfully. Check them out here.


These three jailbreaking solutions that I have talked about above are a much better option that trying to jailbreak an iPhone 4s all by yourself.

iJailbreak Pro is the pick of the bunch and it is my personal recommendation that you use them before you decide to opt for another service.

That being said, all the jailbreak services work and provide a cheap and efficient way in which you can experience all the great things that jailbreaking has to offer.

Until next time.


Mike Tutor


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Do you want Jailbreak Iphone 4.1?

by Admin on August 13, 2014

jailbreak_iphone_os4Jailbreak Iphone 4.1 alternative contains quite simple to follow directions which you follow and successfully unlock and jailbreak your Iphone.Jailbreak Iphone 4.1 option doesn’t need any technical knowledge.

#1. Install 3rd pary programs via Installer and Cydia:

Yet despite thousands of applications accessible on AppStore, there are some added excellent applications for example Netshare, which was prohibited for specific motives through Apple firm.


Assess the real iPhone with every other smartphone out there, there’s one place iPhone would undoubtedly lose: video recording. By using Cycorder or apple iphone Video clip Recorders alongside jailbreak iPhone, however, the real iPhone’s camera can easily turn into a video camera regarding video recording.

#3. Shifting the Look & Feel of iPhone:

Are you bored with the traditional symbols that have iPhone? Think about altering the feel of apple iphone? Here are only several examples to demonstrate what Winterboard can do for you:

#4. Get entire control of your apple iphone:

It isn’t actually the reason for non-technology apple iphone man. You ought to jailbreak the iPhone yet for geeks, this can be. Because you may understand, the real interior part of iPhone is actually a trimmed-down variant related to Mac OS X, which is actually a Unix center.


This actually is among the required activities you must do before you can unlock iPhone. You may be shown by our unlocking choices through the procedure.


In this modern era, Apple has evolved to be a heartthrob and a immensely popular and trendy company. From small kids and teens to elders, everyone loves to own an Apple device. The stylish gadget has mind blowing features, with unique and rare features. From its iPad to iPod to iPhone, the brand has created a sensational revolution in the field of technology. However, it is quite interesting to note that many individuals are not satisfied with Apple’s products. Apart from its elegant and classy outlook, techno geeks tend to demand for newer and better features. This attributes to the need for iPhone 4s Jailbreak sessions. Jailbreaking will help you eradicate the brand’s so-called-barriers. Doesn’t this sound interesting? Jailbreaking is a process that challenges Apple and its experienced engineers.

A Whole New Apple Experience!

So, are you ready to overhead Apple’s control? By default, the brand keeps track of everything that enters into the iDevices. The original device will not let you install third party applications or new tweaks. For instance, you cannot change the original product’s themes or default configurations. In such cases, you can rely on jailbreaking for a better Apple experience.

Three Phases of Jailbreaking! Know, Find and Break!

The iPhone 4s Jailbreak sessions will help you incur complete control into the iDevices. The process would destroy Apple’s invisible control over its products. Technically, jailbreaking is classed into three different phases. Firstly, you must prepare your mind for a jailbreaking session. Secondly, you should identify a good iPhone 4s Jailbreak software. Finally, you should jailbreak the Apple product and start exploring. Doesn’t this sound simple? When compared against many other technical processes, jailbreaking is remarkably straightforward and easy.

The authentic and legit nature of jailbreaking!

Moving on, you must understand that jailbreaking is an authentic and legit process. As potential owners of the phone, you have the freedom to do anything with the device. The iPhone 4s jailbreak will let you experiment, explore and experience the device to its fullest. This is regarded as an amazing privilege that delights and amuses techno geeks. If you are an ardent technologist, trust me, jailbreaking is your cup of tea!

Apple: A market leader with many limitations!

Apple’s flawless screen and retina display makes it a real market leader. However, you will not be allowed to enjoy these features completely. For instance, Apple will not let you install colorful themes with vibrant colors from third party stores. This proves the brand’s limitations. Additionally, you cannot acquire applications from well established stores like Microsoft’s Marketplace or Android’s Play Store. Conversely, an iPhone 4s jailbreak session will let you access these special stores.

Are Customers the real owners of Apple Gadgets? The thin Line!

Finally, iPhone 4s Jailbreak routines will enhance your gadget’s overall performance. You will have the wit and vigor to explore through the product’s supreme capabilities. From hardware to software, jailbreaking will help you acquire complete control over your stylish device. Thus, the process will make the iDevice truly yours! 


There has been a lot of talk online about jailbreaking the iPhone 4s and how beneficial it is to the end user however there has also been a lot of discussion over whether or not it actually works. This is something that we come across all the time and we wanted to discuss it here in this post so that everyone that reads this can see that jailbreaking really does work.

So, what are some people saying on the internet about jailbreaking the iPhone 4s and why does it really work for your device?

There Is An App Store Dedicated To It

Ok, so if jailbreaking wasn’t something that worked why would there be an app store that is dedicated purely to apps for a jailbroken device? The Cydia store isn’t some kind of mirage or fake app downloader; rather it is a real app store that acts as an alternative to the Apple Store and really does offer thousands of apps.

Put it this way; if jailbreaking for the iPhone 4s range (or any iPhone for that matter) didn’t actually work or wasn’t real then why is there an app store that is based around the whole concept?

Apple Have Accepted Jailbreaking

OK, so Apple haven’t exactly came out and said that jailbreaking is something you should do to your device. Not because it isn’t safe, rather it is because it recognizes that there are shortcomings in the main iPhone and works towards fixing these. Apple are hardly going to recognize this publicly, are they? I mean, they want their device to sell so why would they say that there is anything wrong with it?

However behind the scenes Apple have recognized jailbreaking and that it works for the iPhone 4s. Their attempts to curtail it are putting on a show at best and they recognize that people are going to jailbreak their device however they must look like they are doing something about it publicly.

Thousands Of Reviews

Finally jailbreaking the iPhone 4s is real because there are so many reviews from happy consumer who have had this process completed on their device. So many people wouldn’t take to the internet if they didn’t experience first hand the benefits of jailbreaking and what it can do for the iPhone 4s.

In a way it can be easy to see why people are skeptical. The iPhone 4s as a default device is very good in fact it is one of the best mobile devices on the market at the minute however the fact is that jailbreaking makes it much better. It opens it up, explores new possibilities that would not ordinarily be possible with the iPhone 4s and means that you can turn a very good device into one that is even better by comparison.

An iPhone 4s jailbreak is real and can be completed in just a few minutes. It doesn’t make sense to be part of the doubters when there is a simple act that can really transform your iPhone just a few seconds away.


It is quite evident that Apple has produced some of the world’s stylish gadgets. The brand’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are regarded as real heartthrobs. However, are potential users allowed to exploit their much loved gadgets to the fullest? Can a user control and configure their Apple gadgets completely? Techno geeks have realized the presence of Apple’s So-Called-Walls! The brand is extremely proud about its creations. Thus, it does not let go of its control. All authorized Apple gadgets are monitored and managed by the Brand! For example, if you own an iPhone 4S, you will not be allowed to change its default configurations. In such scenarios, what could be done? If you are worried with this question, feel lucky! There are several thousands of Apple users with similar queries.

The Three Stepped Conundrum

When you wish to incur complete control of an Apple gadget, you should jailbreak it! An iPhone 4S jailbreak software will let you destroy Apple’s grips in the device. Jailbreaking is a three-segment conundrum. The process rings around three important questions:

1)      Should You Jailbreak?

2)      Can You Jailbreak?

3)      How to Jailbreak?

First of all, you should comprehend the fact that jailbreaking is not illegal! Through an iPhone 4s Jailbreak, you will remove Apple’s restrictions and acquire complete control over the device. This will let you examine and experiment more about the device. As potential owners of the phone, you should be conferred with this privilege!

A Unique Feel

A very principal limitation imposed by Apple would its “AppStore”! Conventional Apple users will be aware of the fact that they cannot download apps from third party stores or websites. Hence, Apple users should stick onto the applications in the official AppStore. This can be a frustrating move. Since, Google’s Play Store and Microsoft’s Marketplace has several thousand apps, which cannot be run by an Apple device. When a smartphone user buys an Apple gadget, he/she will certainly be disappointed with its AppStore. In such scenarios, jailbreaking will seem useful and ideal.

Safe, Stable and Secure Jailbreaks

Gone are the days when jailbreaking was considered as risky. The growth of jailbreakers has being invincible. Today, you will come across many iPhone 4s jailbreak software packages that are safe, stable and reliable. Jailbreaking will not shorten your gadget’s lifetime, performance or security measures. Instead, it will let you exploit through the gadget’s ultimate capabilities.

An interesting experience!

Famous applications like “Whatsapp” and “Wi-Fi Me” are not supported by original Apple devices. For instance, you cannot install “Whatsapp” in Apple iPads. On the other hand, Wi-Fi Me does not work in original iPhones. Nevertheless, jailbreaking has solved these issues. An iPhone 4s Jailbreak session will let you install Wi-Fi Me and convert your device into a mighty hotspot. Does this ring a bell in your mind? Well, it should! Since original Apple gadgets cannot be used to share internet or packet data. On the other hand, through an iPhone 4s jailbreak you will have the wit to make you little device a powerful hotspot router!


The world of Apple iPhones has grown in huge leaps and bounds. In the past few years, so many users have moved onto Apple iPhones like 3, 3Gs, 4, 4S, 5, 5c and 5s! Nevertheless, some users prefer smart phones over Apple iPhones. This attributes to Apple’s stern rules and regulations. Apple gadgets are subject to many terms and conditions. May it be browsing, streaming, messaging, calling or customization, iPhone users must abide to the brand’s rules. Conversely, potential iPhone users tend to unlock their phones and this is a feature that comes with jailbrekaing. In this article, you will read about the benefits of unlocking with a jailbreak. When you unlock iPhone 4S, you will have the wit to enjoy these fascinating features.

Enjoying Flexibility                                

By definition, unlocked phones can be used with many service providers. Apple has strong contracts with service providers. The original iPhone 4s will not work with foreign or “so-called-Apple-Unauthorized” cell phone providers. This is why you should unlock iPhone 4S. By unlocking, you can alter this rule. Conversely, you can move onto an affordable or convenient service provider, while buying a SIM for your iPhone. This is one of the biggest advantages in unlocking expensive gadgets like the iPhone. If you wish to change your phone’s service provider flexibly, you must be ready to unlock the iPhone 4S.

Travelling at a low price!

With an unlocked iPhone 4S, you will have the freedom to travel across distant countries, without any worries or burdens. Experts state that users, who travel frequently must not use locked phone. This is because they will be forced to pay exorbitant mobile charges. Moreover, when they move to foreign countries, they must search for mobile service providers who have a legal contract signed with Apple. Potential travelers consider this as an expensive and tiring job. If you wish to make your travel as cheap as possible, you must unlock your priceless iPhone.

Why is the Apple iPhone 4S extremely costly?

With an unlocked iPhone around, you will not be forced to adhere to many regulations. To be more precise, you don’t need to pay extra bills or follow the terms placed by service providers. This encourages budget conscious buyers to purchase an Apple iPhone! Many people daunt the iPhone due to its special call and message charges. For instance, an average smart phone user would pay only USD 0.4 for every call they make. Whereas, iPhone users should spend USD 1 for such calls! This makes the Apple iPhone extremely costly. Apart from its original price tag, the iPhone tends to burden users with bigger phone bills. You can eradicate this problem by unlocking the Apple product.

Save Lots of Money

In other words, when you unlock iPhone 4s, you can save lots of money. Some service providers have special plans for iPhone users who unlock their phones. To be more precise, they tend to delight such customers with massive discounts and deals.

Ultimate Bottom Line

The presence of unlocked iPhone 4s achieved via a jailbreak is becoming extremely famous amongst potential buyers. This is because the phone promises a predestined amount of convenience and flexibility.


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